25th September 2016

State Government endeavor to promote sports activities


           Enhances sports awards to a respectable amount

   The State Government is making sincere efforts to encourage and promote sports activities in the State so that the potential and energy of youth is channelized for eradicating of social evils and nation building.

A sum of Rs. 15 crore is being spent on multipurpose indoor sports stadiums, sports grounds and construction of infrastructural facilities during the current financial year besides an assistance of Rs. one crore has already been provided to the State Youth Board. Youth comprise 40 percent of the State population and need adequate opportunities for their self development. For strengthening the youth clubs, their annual grant  has been enhanced from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 20,000. Nodal youth clubs are being strengthened for empowering the youth services in the State.

In order to promote youth activities and sports sector an appropriate enhancement has been made in the grant of various Sports Associations in the State. A grant provided to the State level Sports Associations in category-A has been enhanced to Rs. 1.25 lakh from Rs. one lakh, in category-B, Rs. one lakh from Rs. 75000 and in category-C it has been enhanced to Rs. 75000 from Rs. 50000. Similarly the grant for District Sports Associations in category-A has been increased to Rs. 15000, in category-B, Rs. 12000 and in category-C, Rs. 8000.

Similarly, the cash award at senior national level category- B Ist position award has been enhanced to Rs. 1.50 lakh from Rs. 80000 , 2nd position  Rs. 75000 from Rs. 40000 and third position award has been enhanced to Rs. 50000 from Rs. 24000. 

To encourage the state sports persons to particiate in International Sports Competitons, the State Government has announced very attractive cash prizes of Rs. two crore, one crore and Rs. 50 lakh respectively for securing  first, second and third positions in Olympic games in individual or team event, Rs. 20 lakh, Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 6 lakh respectively for first three positions in Commonwealth and Asian Sports competitions.

The State Government has also enhanced the award to Rs. 10 lakh for setting up international record in individual competitions whereas the amount for same record in Commonwealth and Asian games has also been increased from Rs.6 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. Similarly, the award for setting up new national record in any individual event has been enhanced from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh. For participation in international competitons the amount to each individual has been increased from Rs.80000 to Rs. one lakh. A sum of Rs. Rs. 1.9 crore has been provided to 223 sports persons for outstanding performances in various games during last three years.

State Parshuram Award money has been doubled to Rs. two lakh from Rs. one lakh to  boost  the  sportspersons for better performances. So far as many as 22 sports persons have been conferred upon this award viz: Suman Rawat Mehta for atheletics, Chaman Singh Dhauta for Volley Ball, Varinder Sharma for Boxing, Skaljang Dorje for Archery, Kamlesh Kumari for atheletics, Uma Kumari for Skiing, Bhagat Singh Thakur for Boxing, Chuni Lal for Skiing, Shiv Chaudhari for Boxing, Aman Saini for Boxing, Nutan Kumari for Judo, Pushpa Thakur for Atheletics, Sanjo Devi for Atheletics, Priyanka Negi for Kabaddi, Sonia Rai for Shooting, Jauni Chaudhry for Wrestling, Sanjay Kumar Yadav for Bushu, Bhuvneshwari for winter games, Ranu Devi for Kabaddi and Pooja Devi also for Kabaddi.

The State Government has made a provision of 3 percent quota in the government jobs for the outstanding sports persons and 378 sports persons have been provided government jobs in the State.






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