18th September 2016

A fleet of 2700 buses covers 3.60 lakh KMs daily



Super Luxury Buses ensure a comfy  travel

HRTC's earnest efforts for minimizing road accidents

        Keeping in view of the tough topographical conditions of the hilly state of  Himachal Pradesh, surface transport is the only medium of transportation in the state, therefore the State Government is giving aided priority to provide state-of- art transport facilities to the commuters up to far-flung areas.

As per the aspirations of the people, the government is endeavoring to modernize the transport system. Number of buses with modern technology has been added to the fleet besides construction, up-gradation and modernization of various bus stands and workshops with required modern facilities. Super luxury buses are plying on various routes making long journey a very comfortable and pleasant.

 After the formation of Himachal Pradesh, the strengthening of network of roads had received top-most priority of the Government. Today the state can boost of a strong  road network  of 37000 kilometers covering every nook and corner of the state. The Corporation today has a fleet of  nearly 2700 buses,  including 72 luxury and super luxury which are plying on nearly 2400 routes across the State and  covering over 4.60 lakh kilometers daily. This includes roads passing through zig-zag, curvy, mountainous, harsh  and tough terrains,  even  upto 16000 feet above sea level. This poses a big challenge to the crews, and requires highly efficient driving skills.

The State Government is considerate about minimizing road accidents. With the assistance of Government of India, all black spots are being identified and needful would be done besides constructing strong crash barriers to minimize road accidents. At least two driving schools would be opened in each district of the State for which GoI would provide Rs. one crore for each school. As many as 1000 new ambulances fully equipped with life saving equipments would be made available on National and State Highways. Speed governers would also be installed at various points on the roads.

          The State Government has taken various measures for improving the performance of Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC). A pilot project for cashless ticketing is being started in Shimla town.  Cash award of Rs. 1 lakh each would be given to driver and conductor in each year showing highest performance in Kilometers per litre and Rs. 1 lakh will be provided to the technical staff which would reduce the operational cost to the maximum extent.

Security of the passengers is the main priority for which rigorous training to drivers at the time of initial recruitment is imparted besides citing strict disciplinary action against the drivers committing accidents. In service training is also being given to the drivers. Ban on cassette players and fixing of bigger size rear inner view mirror, use of breath analyzers to detect driving under the influence of liquor by drivers and periodical medical check ups of drivers are also made mandatory. No bus is operated on a road unless the same is declared fit by the road inspection committee for the operation.

  CCTVs have been installed in various bus stands and in phased manners all bus stands would be covered in the state.  Similarly the process is on for installing CCTVs in luxury buses like Volvo. Helpline numbers 9418000529 and 980500529 have been started for the convenience of commuters. Average 50-60 calls in respect of HRTC & Private buses are being received daily.

   During past three years,  1300 new buses have been added to the HRTC fleet and 316 more buses including 16 luxury buses would shortly be added.  365 news routes have been added during the same period. These buses have been equipped with GPS, CCTV and passengers information system. Government is endeavouring to connect all the pilgrimages and historic places of the State with major towns by luxury bus services. Super luxury bus services have been started between Manali-Jaipur, Shimla-Katra and Shimla-Hardwar.

Online booking for all types of buses plying from Shimla, Delhi, Manali, Chamba, Dharmashala, Kangra, Baijnath, Palampur, Mcloadganj, Hamirpur, Hardwar & Chandigarh has been started and soon the same is being extended for Rampur and Sarkaghat.

In order to make the HRTC self reliant, revenue enhancement is one of major concerns of the Government. The HRTC has introduced taxi services in Shimla town which is plying successfully on restricted routes and serving the people, particularly the senior citizens, ailing, physically challenged, women and children. The Corporation has initiated the process to introduce CNG buses for tourists on Manali-Rohtang routes. 

Keeping its commitment under social obligations, the State Government is providing concessional or free travel facilities to Government Schools/ college students,  Govt. employees, persons with special abilities, Police Personnel, Jail wardens etc. and Rs. 110 crore are being spent annually on it.

 Various steps have been taken by the State Government for the welfare of HRTC employees. HRTC is paying pensions worth Rs. 147 crore annually to 4000 persons from its own resources which was just 47 crore  in 2012-13.  

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