14th February 2016

‘Samarth’ empowering women for self defense


                        14  February, 2016


‘Samarth’ empowering women for self defense

Peace is a pre-requisite for progress and all round development of the State. This important area of governance has received the maximum attention of the State government. The Himachal Pradesh Police has also shown a high sense of professionalism and dedication due to which the state remained almost free from organized crimes, violence and major law and order problems. The responsive attitude of Police Force has given a sense of security to the people of the State.

It is due to the commitment of the Himachal Pradesh police towards the law enforcement, our state is considered the most peaceful and safe place to live.  The State Government is very sensitive against any crime against women and it was due to the promptness of the state police and quality of investigation in all cases of crime against women and the accused have been timely put behind the bar.  

The State Government has taken many new initiatives to maintain and address issue of women safety due to which the State has not witnessed increase in the crime against women from last three years. In order to check crime against women Himachal Pradesh State Government has made continuous efforts. Anti Human Trafficking Units and Women Cells had been set up in every district to provide a comforting and sensitive environment to the women complainants. The State government has posted 7-10 lady police officials in every Police Station which has ensured a rise in the confidence of the women also to approach police and report crime.

The State Government has set up “Mahila Twarit Bal” at the Police Headquarters to increase the vigilance and reaction time to any calls of distress by women and for instance response to crime against women. The State Government has set up a team of well trained women officials for monitoring the women’s helpline, police SMS service, the module on crime against women. In the year 2015, total 2772 complaints have been received through SMS out of which most of them has been followed. With a view to monitor the progress of the distress calls that were received by the women complainants, an IG level officer has been posted as the Nodal Officer at the State Head Quarters.

The State Government has started an initiative to empower girls against crime, under the “Samarth Scheme”.  To instill confidence in girls students of school and colleges in the state the “Samarth Scheme” has been started under which unarmed combat (UAC) training were being given by the state Police personal. During the year 2015, 89,653 girl students have been imparted UAC training by the H.P. Police.

The State Government has established three Women Police Stations at Shimla, Dharamshala and Mandi. The State Government has also posted sufficient lady police staff in these police stations for easy approachability of the victims. The State Government would open two more Women Police Stations in police district Baddi and Kullu in 2016 to deal with crime against women and similar stations would also be opened in all the district of the state in phased manner. 

The decrease in total number of crime against women may be attributed to better detection and better enforcement of law. The annual average for rape victims in the last 10 years stands at 180 cases as against the national average of 24,305 cases. In the year 2014, one case of dowry death was registered as against two cases registered in the year 2015. The national average of dowry death stands at approximate 8083 cases per annum for the last 10 years.

Himachal Pradesh is among the best administered State in the country and State government is committed to ensure the continuance of peaceful environment in the State.




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