22th November 2015

Fishery industry booming in Himachal Pradesh

With the constant efforts of the State government over the past few years, the fishery industry is booming in the State. This sector in not only providing livelihood to the fishermen but is also helping in generating revenue to the State. Various schemes and efforts made by the present government has helped in increasing the fish production besides providing ample opportunities for self-employment.

During last three years, 21793.53  tones of fish valuing at Rs. 19646.87 lakh was produced from all fisheries resources in the state. As many as 491.37 tones of table size trout fish was produced from departmental farms and private trout units. As a result of successful implementation of rainbow trout farming technology 362 trout units have been established in the state in Kullu, Shimla, Mandi, Kangra, Kinnaur and Chamba districts.

Under blue revolution programme, Hungarian stain of Common carp, Ropsa scale and Felsosomogy mirror carp stains besides Pangasius sutchi have been introduced in the state. 

Emphasis has been laid to promote aquaculture and provide employment opportunities to the people of the State. Under Fish Farmers Development Agency programme, 30.46 hectare area was included in aquaculture and 29.50 hectare old ponds were renovated. 

A new scheme “Mobile Fish Market” has been launched under which four Mobile Fish Market Vehicles have been purchased to provide fresh fishes to the consumers.

Two feed mills are being set at Carp farm Deoli (Gagret) in Una district and Carp farm Sultanpur in Chamba district with an expenditure of Rs. 84.60 lakh. In order to promote trout farming in tribal areas of the State, one trout farm with an expenditure of  over four crore rupees is being set up in Bharmour area besides one Aquarium House-cum-Museum centre with total outlay of Rs. 40 lakh is being set up in Chamba district.

Carp farms at Nalagarh in Solan district and Deoli in Una district have been modernized and expanded by spending over eight crore rupees. These farms have been made functional and breeding operations have also been started from last year.

The government has spent a sum of rupees five crore for creating 80 hectare water area in the shape of new fish ponds and 20 hectare water area in shape of nursery ponds. Three carp hatcheries are being established in private sector and two new Aquaculture Fish Farmers Societies have also been got registered at Ratyod (Nalagarh) in Solan district and Katauhar Kalan (Amb) in Una district for post harvest handling and marketing of the fish produced from these ponds.

The government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs. 46 lakh to each society for developing post harvest infrastructure like ice plant, refrigerated mobile vans, insulated boxes and refrigerators etc.

The present government provided employment to 3054 persons under various schemes of the Fishery department. 

The State is also implementing various welfare schemes to improve the conditions of fishermen and help them in increasing fish production. Under Reservoir’s Fishermen Accidental Insurance Scheme, all 11,251 active fishermen working in the state are being provided premium free insurance cover. An amount of two lakh rupees is provided on death and permanent disability of fishermen, rupees one lakh in case of partial permanent disability and an insurance cover of Rs. 10,000 towards hospitalization expenses.

As many as 4160 active fishermen were provided financial assistance of Rs. 83.39 lakh during two month’s close-season under Saving-cum-Relief Scheme. All active fishermen engaged in the state reservoirs have been covered under Fishermen Risk Fund Scheme which envisages mitigating the losses to equipments of fishermen due to natural calamities. Besides, 5023 fishermen were provided full time vocation in state reservoirs (2426 in Gobindsagar, 2479 in Pong Reservoir, 83 in Chamera and 35 in Ranjt Sagar reservior).

The subsidy is also being given up to maximum of Rs 5,000 for the construction/renovation of ponds. 50 percent subsidy is available of the total project cost to Scheduled Castes/Tribes, while other living below poverty line at the rate of 33 percent. Moreover, the state government is also providing training and technical guidance to the entrepreneurs. Financial assistance is also being provided to fish farmers for excavating ponds for improving existing water areas.

The financial assistance of rupees one lakh is being given for construction new ponds (of 1 hectare size) to the youth belonging to SC/ST and Rs. 80,000 for general category farmers under the centrally sponsored scheme. For reclamation or renovation of ponds, the assistance of Rs. 18,750 is being provided  for a one hectare size pond to SC/ST and Rs.15,000 for general category farmers.

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