25th November 2018

Gau Protection and Promotion Priority of Government


Animal Husbandry plays an important role in the strengthening of rural economy. Livestock has a special place in the state's agricultural economy. Keeping this in view the state government has given special emphasis on providing better health care to the livestock. Farmers are being provided information and training of modern scientific methods so as to increase the production of milk, wool and egg etc. Apart from providing regular services such as veterinary aid, breed improvement, prophylactic vaccination and extension activities and many other initiatives are being undertaken by the state government.

State government is trying to promote indigenous breed cows in the state. Under Himachal Pradesh Livestock Development Board 47,123 Sahiwal breed, 79969 Sindhi breed and 1091 top quality Gir breed have been purchased from other states. Artificial insemination facility is being provided by various departmental institutions and so far 118473 tanneries have been purchased by the department from other states.

This year under animal breeding policy of the department Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Gir and Tharparkar breed have ben incorporated. From december onwards preparatory work of Semon sprouts of Red Sindhi, Sahiwal and Tharparkar breeds will be started at E- Farm centre- Palampur in Kangra district. As many as 7.78 Lakh Health Cards (Nakul Swasthya Patra) have been issued for maintaining and monitoring the health of cattle and their production status.

Under the National Development Plan, in the financial year 2018-19 a budget of Rs. 675 lakhs has been allocated for various activities of the department. The government commitment towards Gau protection is manifested from the fact that the present government has decided to constitute a cabinet sub-committee to give suggestions for the development of cows in the very first cabinet meeting of the state government. State government is in the process of constituting 'Gau Sewa Aayog'. Many steps have been taken by the government to improve the cultivation of natural farming and indigenous cow and financial grants are being given to promote the Gaumutra based industries. The participation of locals, non-governmental organizations, panchayats and temple trusts is being encouraged to strengthen the existing Gau Sadans and to establish new Gau Sadans. 15 percent of the offerings in the temple are being spent on the maintenance and construction of the Gau Sadans. With this decision Rs. 17 crore will be available for the development of Gau Vansh every year. Apart from this a Cess of Rupee one is also being taken on every bottle of liquor sold in the state.

In order to open the Gau Sadan in Indora (Damtal) of Kangra district, the amount of Rs. 3,55,28,320 has been sanctioned from the 15 percent income received from the temple trust.

The foundation stone of the sanctuary to be built at a cost of Rs. 1.52 crore was laid in Kotla Barog in Sirmaur district. This will benefit the livestock of surrounding the area.  An amount of Rs 41,57,500 has been approved for the construction of four new Gau Sadans in District Kangra, Solan and Mandi.

A provision of Rs. 10 lakhs has been made during this financial year for the grant of loan on the purchase of milk cattle under "Udyam Vikas Yojana" in the state. Under the scheme, a subsidy of 20 percent is being given to the beneficiary for purchase of indigenous cow, whereas for other breeds of cow, a provision of 10 percent subsidy has been made.

In addition, Poultry, Sheep Goat rearing are also being promoted in the state. In order to promote Poultry, a sum of Rs. 274 lakhs has been sanctioned for setting up 50 poultry units during this year under 'Broiler Farm Scheme'. Under this scheme, 33 units have been set up in different districts. Apart from this, 90 beneficiaries have also been selected under poultry scheme.

Under Medain Vitran Yojna 1041 rams have been provided to Scheduled caste families on 60 percent subsidy. Under the goat distribution scheme, the process of selection of beneficiaries is underway for distributing 417 units on 60 percent subsidy.

These efforts of the state government will help in the promotion and conservation of  Gau Vansh in the state and indigenous breed cows will be encouraged.



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