10th June 2018

4.47 lakh people getting social security pension in Himachal Pradesh


Balanced development can happen only when welfare of all sections of society is ensured and equal opportunities are provided to all. State Government is working with great commitment for socio-economic upliftment of all the section of society especially the poor people in the State.  Social security pension scheme is proving godsend boon to the deprived sections of the society. Social Security Pension is being provided to about 4.47 lakh people in the state. A budget provision of Rs. 443 crore has been made to provide Social Security Pension for this current financial year.

After coming into power, the State Government in its very first meeting reduced the age limit of social security pension for old aged persons from 80 years to 70 years that too without any income criteria. This important decision has benefitted about 1.30 lakh elderly people. This has not only provided social security but also has given them an opportunity to live a respectable life.

Various  social security pensions are being provided to the eligible people in the state including Old-Age Pension, National Old Age Pension, National Widow Pension, National Disability Pension, Disability Relief Allowance etc.

The old age pension of Rs. 750 is being provided for those above 60 years old and  annual income does not exceed Rs. 35000 and for those who are above 70 years or more will be given monthly pension of Rs.1300 barring income criteria.

Government of India is providing Social Security Pension of Rs. 200 per month under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension scheme to those who are between the age group of 60-79 years, 60 years and are living below poverty line. An additional amount of Rs.550 per month is being borne by the State Government to provide  pension of Rs. 750. Apart from this, Government of India under Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension is providing Rs. 500 per month to those pensioners who are 80 years and above and come under BPL category. An additional expenditure of Rs. 800 per month is being borne by the State Government to provide pension at the rate of Rs.1300 per month. 

National Widow Pension of Rs. 300 per month is being provided by the GoI under  National Widow Pension Scheme to the eligible widows of selected BPL families in the age group 40 to 69 years. An additional expenditure of 450 rupees per month is being borne by the State Government to provide pension of Rs. 750.

 Under National Disability Pension Scheme those who have 80 percent or more disability and are between 18 to 79 years and living Below Poverty Line are given a sum of Rs 300 per month by the Government of India. An additional amount of Rs.1000 per month is being borne by the State Government to provide pension at the rate of Rs.1300. Apart from this, the department has been giving Disability Relief Allowance at the rate of 750 rupees per month to those disabled persons whose disability is between 40 to 69 percent and the annual income is not more than Rs. 35000 per month. Individuals with more than 70 percent disability, who are not working in a government / semi-government / corporations / boards, are being given sum of Rs 1300 per month without any income limit. Disability Relief for mentally challenged persons is being provided without any income limit.

Government is providing Pension to the widows / abandoned / single women whose annual income is not more than Rs. 35000. This pension is being given at the rate of Rs. 750 per month.

Leprosy Rehabilitation Allowance is being provided to the leprosy patients at the rate of 750 rupees per month. No age and income criteria is applicable for this.

Those transgender, who were identified by the notified State /District level Medical Boards of Health and Family Welfare Department, are being provided Transgender Pension without any age and income limits.




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